About Us


Evolution Solutions - The Origin:

Evolution Solutions was formed with a commitment to help our clients attain the foremost level of prosperity in their realm of business and service excellence. Our approach manifests consciousness, integrity and excellence in every fragment of our dealings. These qualities form the very DNA on which our business is built and continues to Evolve.

Evolution Solutions is a global provider of business and technology consulting services.

Evolution Solutions has a proven track record to mobilize the right people, skills and technologies to help our clients succeed and evolve to the next level.

Evolution Solutions is redefining the Business Consulting industry - Evolved:

Similar to natural selection as it relates to biological evolution, we strive to give our clients a strategic growth advantage in their business environments.

We differentiate ourselves by combining strategic insight and deep industry expertise with agile, cost-effective global delivery. Our approach is to take a holistic view of the business process, people, technology and expertise.

Evolution Solutions - Helping clients Adapt and Thrive:


What's more, in tune with the philosophy of adaptation and natural selection, we offer our clients a proven IT service governance model that is both flexible and responsive to changing needs.

Nothing succeeds like making our clients successful. Evolution Solutions combines expertise in business consulting with technology excellence to formulate business and enterprise strategies, adapt structures and processes to change, build and train teams, and guide the evolution of methods, services and products. But we don't just
think - we deliver, providing systems design, integration and operation.

Business consulting and technology competencies are combined, locally and internationally, to help our clients meet the challenges of globalization and interdependence of markets, and to help them use technology to compete more effectively.