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Evolution Solutions takes great pride in the quality of its work environment and the opportunities it provides to its team members to achieve success in their career goals.

We owe our success unequivocally to the talent, dedication and value system of our associates.

Career Path - Evolutionary Tracks*:

While not meant to compartmentalize job descriptions, the career tracks defined below strive to provide structure and focus for individual growth, performance and measurement

Technology Track

Title: Architect, Systems Analyst, DBA, Developer

Role: Architecture, Systems Analysis, Database Analysis, Software Development

Responsibilities:Include Software development , Systems Analysis & Architecture, Database Adminsitration, coding, software customization

Business Solutions Track

Title: Business Analyst alternate titles are business systems analyst, systems analyst, and functional analyst

Role: Business Analysis
Responsibilities: A BA's responsibilities include analysis of the business needs of their clients and stakeholders to help identify business problems and propose solutions. Within the systems development life cycle domain, the BA typically performs a liaison function between the business side of an enterprise and the information technology department or external service providers.

Delivery Management Track

Title: Delivery Manager, Project Manager

Role: Delivery/ Project Management

Responsibilities: The Delivery Manager or Project Manager's responsibilities include organizing and managing resources in such a way that these resources deliver all the work required to complete a project within defined scope, time, and cost constraints.

Quality Assurance Track

Title: QA Analyst

Role: Quality Assurance
Responsilibilities: A QA Analyst's maintains software quality within an organization. The QA's responsibilities may include defining test strategies, test plans, test cases, test scripts, applying manual or automated test techniques to assure the Quality of software and services provided.


Associate Program:

In addition to Full-time and Part-time opportunities, Evolution Solutions provides an Associate Program for the Entrepreneurial minded who share our value system but like to chart their own course for a career path.

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* The above career tracks are guidelines for broad understanding only and not in any way a representation of actual job descriptions or expectations.