Is our web-based issues tracking system developed using the .net architecture. It provides a customizable user interface featuring dynamic documentation integration/ generation, test planning integration, customizable workflow, source code revision control system integration

The Trackere has evolved into a platform independent universal tool that integrates features of both the source code version control system and a bug-tracking system

Is our highly customizable, scaleable, feature rich, turn-key Internet banking solution designed to meet the needs of a variety of banking institutions; anywhere from small credit unions to large banks. It includes a BPM feature presenting customizable workflow with key metrics

When integrated with the Telephone banking module - Telebanke, it offers the most complete Internet and Telephone Banking solution the industry has to offer.

The Trane has evolved to provide a seamless interface with our proprietary Securee solution featuring Multi-factor authentication as mandated by the FTC.

As organizations continue to evolve, the need to share information across the enterprise cannot be undermined. Further, organizations are merging, consolidating and streamlining their business processes to reduce costs and increase business productivity.

Clearly there is a strong case to integrate disparate systems that span across several technology eras, platforms, architectures, data formats.

Evolution Solution's Integratee features the service oriented architectural framework and XML to solution this problem by providing a cost effective yet robust solution that can optimize processes, ensure consistency, integrate complex, redundant processes and enforce performance management

Integratee can speed the rate of business change and increase effectiveness by providing a comprehensive solution to model, assemble, deploy and manage the integration process.

Is our cutting edge solution to meet the needs of our clients in an environment that is experiencing growing threats to the security of their customer's personal & financial information.

It incorporates multi-factor authentication, a feature that is probably the most advanced by industry standards and puts our clients many years ahead of their competition in terms of protecting their customers' personal and financial information from the threats of the Internet environment.

This solution features a highly customizable user interface and customizable workflow options.