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Compliance Specialist
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new regulation and compliance / legal projects
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Job Description

• Support corporate wide compliance program as a point of contact for legal and compliance related activity within Administration operational areas.
• Coordinates market conduct activity, the implementation of new regulation and compliance / legal projects within Admin.
• Implement outcome of consent orders and litigation within Admin
• Works collaboratively with the Legal and Compliance teams
• Works under the direction of the Director of Internal Controls to ensure that all Admin processes and procedures are within the corporate governance/regulatory framework
• Analyses changes in the regulatory environment and identifies the areas of Admin that are impacted.
• Partners with the relevant functional area to assist with the implementation of change and with process / procedure documentation.
• Works with production support to raise and prioritise ITWRs and data requests.
• Works with the training team and functional areas to provide technical training if appropriate.
• Responsible for managing and delivering projects as necessary.
• Responsible for carrying out internal reviews in Admin to ensure controls are in place

Will be working with State Requirements, Market Conduct Exams, State Surveys, new state legislation, audit requests, etc. Must have at least 3-5 years experirence.




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