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Data Analyst
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ETL, SQL, Agile,Enterprise level logical data design.
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Job Description

Provide the discipline of accurately maintaining the corporate description of logical data definitions, physical data assets and data management processes.
This role will create an ongoing data context and knowledgebase so the organization can react more quickly to opportunities to leverage information.

Devise designs for data and data transformation processes which support the strategic objectives of the organization

• Identifying and documenting existing data sources for systems.
• Mapping the match between existing data sources and project related needs.
• Facilitate the documentation of the business data glossary.
• Describing processes for importing, cleaning, transforming and validating data.
• Describe processes for monitoring and maintaining data quality.
• Participating in project QA activities assuring the integrity of project data, including contributing to QA of data extraction, storage, manipulation, processing and analysis.
• Interpret data requirements into logical data models for the purpose of systems design.
• Provide analysis of data and input into project impact analysis by deriving conclusions from the actual data available, its quality and condition.

• Provides strategic and tactical support to the organization by analyzing and interpreting the data to provide creative business solutions.
• A data analyst performs data analysis with regard to business requests and develops rules and methodologies for effective data management.
• He/she, is a data interpretation expert, as such should have knowledge of data definition, data design, data analysis tools and computer systems technology.

• Data definitions and description.
• Data source mapping (identification of where to locate business data).
• Data target mapping (identification of where data is needed for business processing needs).
• Data logical design and models.
• Data transformation requirements.
• Data quality requirements.
• Data quality monitoring requirements.
• Data profiling for impact analysis, assessing the available data its quality and completeness as input into project requirements.
• Sign-off of Data Quality assurance test plans and test scripts.

• Project Managers
• Business Analysts
• System Analysts
• Project Technical Leads
• Business Subject Matter Experts
• DBA’s
• ETL developers
• Business Intelligence Report developers

• Meet project expectations for on-time quality deliverables.
• Established credibility for quality and thoroughness of data mapping with ETL developers. Provide mapping designs which require little or no downstream project rework.
• Established working knowledge of the business and relationships with business SME’s yielding data glossary definitions which aid the quality and effectiveness of BI report developers.
• Established credibility for effective long-term data model designs with Technical leads and developers. Provide data design solutions which require little or no downstream project rework. Provide data design solutions which are flexible and extendable to future business requirements, limited or no redesign for subsequent needs.
• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Systems Analysis, or Information Systems.or equivalent

• A minimum of 5+ years of progressively responsible IT data design and IT delivery experience including experience in ETL and information modelling.
• Experience in the life insurance industry is a plus.
• Experience with ACORD Life Insurance messaging and data structures is a plus.
• 3+ years of experience with data modelling tools, Erwin preferred.
• 3+ years of experience with ETL technology, Informatica preferred
• Understanding of SQL, relational and multi-dimensional database structures and architecture.
• Understanding of use of data profiling techniques to understand currently available data.
• Understanding of multiple data management technologies and definition structures including multiple relational databases and platforms such as (mainframe, mid-range and server).
• Understanding and application of information modelling and data design patterns. Including 3rd normal form, dimensional and snowflake design.
• Understanding of multiple Extract Transformation and Load (ETL) technologies and capabilities.
• Understanding of performance and usability implications of data design.
• Ability to translate technical data terms to business vocabulary and vice versa.
• Broad project management knowledge and experience, both theoretical and practical.
• Work in Agile projects.

• Under the direction of Enterprise Architecture leadership deliver data designs which match the requirements of individual business projects with the long-term view of enterprise data design. Maximizing reuse, flexibility and quality while balancing the cost of the design with value to be derived.
• Work within projects to assess data availability and downstream data needs providing design solutions for transforming and mapping it throughout the extract and load processes to down- stream consumers of the data. Maintaining the purpose and definition integrity of the data throughout these processes.
• Facilitate dialog to ensure the clear definition both from a business and technical standpoint of corporate data.

• Enterprise level logical data design.




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